You play as a bio-mechanical arm crawling dungeons and solving puzzles to find the "Divine Sword".  

New ability unlocked

A Puzzle To Be Solved

A Map To Not Get Lost

A Part Of The Mysterious Story

This game is made for 2-Buttons Jam 2019.

Dungeon art assets:

Ambient sound:

The super artistic hand is drawn and animated by my self !

Other things:

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Unity


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Pretty good! I like how the the progression is designed, although I think it would be cool if you started with only 1 move command unlocked.

One thing you could improve is the timer. I suggest only counting down when the player has made an input and maybe use executeTimer.ToString(".0"). That way it will display 2.546 as 2.5.

Keep it up!

I don't have time to make those improvements in the Jam, but will take a look at it maybe after some days .

Tnx for feedback :D